Explore the tools developed by SOA4All (the full list of available open source components can be found here).

SOA4All Studio
SOA4All Studio

SWEET (Semantic Web sErvice Editing Tool) -
An editor for supporting the semantic annotation of Web APIs and RESTful services

iServe -
A platform for publishing semantic annotations of Web services and Web APIs as linked data

IRIS (Integrated Rule Inference System) -
An extensible reasoning engine for expressive rule-based languages

A reasoner for entailment and satisfiability checking of ELP knowledge bases

WSML2Reasoner -
A highly modular framework that combines various validation, normalization and transformation algorithms that enable the translation of ontology descriptions in WSML to the appropriate syntax of several underlying reasoning engines

RS4All - The SOA4All Recommender System -
Improving the user experience by providing suggestions about relevant services that may be of interest for SOA4All users. This tool is a hybrid recommender system that analyzes different kinds of data - service descriptions, user profiles and user interactions with the Consumption Platform - and computes recommendations by using a harmonization of three different recommendation algorithms

SOA4All Service Construction Suite - A comprehensive tool that supports the design and execution of processes implemented as compositions of Web Apis (REST) and/or Web Services (RCP). This tool provides modeling and executing functionality that covers all the SOC phases, including process knowledge extraction, semi-automatic composition and adaptation based on semantic annotations and context, full optimization based on semantic quality and QoS KPI, runtime adaptation, etc.

LUF (Linked User Feedback) - The Linked User Feedback (LUF) service gathers user-generated feedback in the form of ratings, comments and taggings by exposing an API that third party applications can make use of. The feedback information is semantically stored and offered as Linked Data.

SOA4All Real Estate Finder - The SOA4All Real Estate Finder is a user friendly mobile client for finding real estate in desired areas developed within the EU SOA4All project. It runs on iPhone and iPad systems and is available via the Apple Store for free. The client allows UK citizens to specify a location and a set of criteria for finding Real Estate Offers. Based on those criteria the client suggests suitable offers on a street map and shows additional information about the offer. Additionally, the client queries and combines information from open data services to display information about the neighborhood such as UK crime rates or school and other neighbourhood information. In the background the application is based on the outcomes of the SOA4All project for discovering, invoking and executing services and it is based on services listed at the initiative.
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