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In this page you will find all promotional materials, tutorials and demonstrators developed in the SOA4All project.

SOA4All in the Future Internet of Services

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This video describes the current trends in the Future Internet of services and the Web of Data. The SOA4All project considers resources to be services usable via the Service Web. In order to address the current limitations of service computing at Web scale and to lower the entry barrier for the average Web service workers, SOA4All combines Web principles, Web 2.0 technology, context management and semantics into a novel service delivery platform. The applicability of such a platform is manifold, and industrial partners such as SAP, BT and TIE have already demonstrated the benefits of SOA4All technology in the Public Sector, Telecommunications and eCommerce.

Background tutorial videos

These videos serve as a gentle introduction into the general area of semantics and services. They can be particularly useful to beginners and interested outsiders.


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This video presents some general ideas of semantics and semantic annotations, and introduction of the RDF as the simplest form of representing the semantic information by John Domingue (OU).

Linked Data

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The Linked Data video contains the description of the key ideas and principles of Linked Data. Linked Data is a movement for making governmental and other public data available in a semantic form where multiple data sources are highly interlinked. The video also shows examples of Linked Data datasets.


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Introduction video about services, both in an economic sense, and in a computational sense, and the discussion how semantics can help with the discovery and use of services on the Web, by John Domingue (OU).

Tools and technologies videos

Semantic models

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This video explains the languages and models that SOA4All has developed for semantic description of services.

SOA4All dashboard

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This video introduces the main entry point of the integrated SOA4All tools, so that newcomers know where to look for various components.

SWEET Annotation

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This video demonstrates how RESTful services and Web APIs are annotated semantically with SWEET.

SOWER annotation

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This video demonstrates how WSDL-based business Web services are annotated semantically with SOWER.

Storage and query (iServe)

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This video provides a brief guide through the service registry iServe and some of its query capabilities.


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This video introduces the SOA4All service composition tool, with a non-trivial example and several advanced features.


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This video shows how the SPICES tool can be used to invoke Web services and APIs available through SOA4All. The Semantic Platform for the Interaction and Consumption of Enriched Services (SPICES) is a Web-based tool where end-users can interact with (semantically annotated) services (both WSDL and RESTful) and invoke them in a lightweight manner.

Human tasks and process/service monitoring

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This video aims to show the Execution Engine, in particular the possibility of executing processes including both Web Services and human tasks, and the Process Monitoring Dashboard. The scenario implemented supports civil servants in handling typical administrative processes. They can model, execute and monitor such processes using SAP enterprise services that provide rich business functionality.

Use Case videos

End-user Integrated Enterprise Service Delivery Platform

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In this video, we show how SOA4All technology can support civil servants to model administrative processes: starting from the SOA4All composer, civil servants (and other business users) can model and execute administrative procedures (and other business processes) based on semantic Web services. In our example, the civil servant wants to handle a survey among selected citizens in order to gather feedback for a planned road construction. But when modeling such a process, civil servants are primarily not interested in the technical details of certain Web services such as the interface definition with parameters and data types. Rather, for such users the business aspects associated with a certain service are relevant, e.g., its pricing model, service quality, or security level. Thus, we have developed a modeling wizard that allows the civil servant to specify such business requirements in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the business process at hand. Then, the best Web services with respect to these KPIs are selected automatically by SOA4All so that the overall process is optimal.

W21C BT Infrastructure

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This video is a demonstrator of the Offers4All scenario, the service that allows companies, e.g., retail organisations, entertainment providers, travel / hotel companies to advertise offers to subscribers of the service. These offers might be “last-minute” travel or entertainment deals or predefined campaign offers from retail organisations. The Offers4All service allows an offer provider to create a new offer by describing what the offer is and who and how many people it wants to target with the offer. An appropriate set of subscribers are then chosen and are made aware of the offer via a communication channel. Offer providers pay to use the service (several possible charging models) but subscribers do not.

C2C Service eCommerce

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This demo shows how SOA4All can help with empowering eCommerce processes and with integrating various services into eCommerce processes. It  provides an insight of the SOA4All tools and the eCommerce Dashboard. The SOA4All eCommerce solutions allow webshop providers to combine offers from many different vendors on the fly. This means that sellers can integrate products from many business partners easily without having to care about importing and exporting issues.

Promotional material

Promotional material developed for the project includes a brochure, a banner, a flyer and posters. Latest versions of project promotional material can be found here.

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