SOA4All Open Source Components

List of open source components developed in the SOA4All project and available for download.

Component (and related Work Package)
OS License Partner(s)
Semantic Spaces (WP1/b) Apache V2.0 UIBK
Distributed Semantic Spaces (WP1/b) GPL V3 INRIA
Monitoring Infrastructure, Ontologies and Aggregators (WP1/c) Creative Commons / LGPL for the WP1/a related software INRIA
SOWER (Sweet is nOt a Wsdl EditoR) (WP2) LGPL ONTOTEXT
SWEET (Semantic Web sErvices Editing Tool), SWEET-ExtGWT (WP2) Apache V2.0 OU
iServe (WP2) Apache V2.0 OU
Feedback Management Framework (Linked User Feedback) (WP2) Apache V2.0 ISOCO
Consumption Platform (SPICES) and Recommender System (WP2) Apache V2.0 ISOCO / CEFRIEL
Analysis Platform (WP2) Apache V2.0 INRIA
Studio Dashboard and UI Widgets (WP2) Apache V2.0 TIE
Graphz Library (WP2.24) Apache V2.0 SAP / TIE
Canvas / Modelling API (WP2.24) Apache V2.0 TIE
Infrastructure Services (WP2) LGPL TIE
SOA4All Composer / Process Editor (WP2) Apache V2.0 SAP / TIE / KIT
WSML2Reasoner (WP3) Apache V2.0 / LGPL UIBK
IRIS Reasoner (WP3) Apache V2.0 UIBK
ELLY Reasoner (WP3) Apache V2.0 UIBK
WSL4J (WP5) Apache V2.0 / LGPL V3 KIT
Discovery and Ranking engine (WP5) Apache V2.0 / LGPL KIT
SOA4All Integrated Ranking (WP5) Apache V2.0 / LGPL V3 USE
Composer and Template Generator (WP6) Apache V2.0 ATOS / TXT
Optimizer (WP6) Apache V2.0 UNIMAN
Execution Environment (WP6) Apache V2.0 CEFRIEL
eCommerce Dashboard (WP9) Apache V2.0 TIE
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