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Atos Origin 

AtoS is an international information technology services company. Its business is turning client vision into results through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed operations.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
Technical expertise in SOA architectures (integration capabilities and ESB solutions) and dynamic composition of Web services, including SWS. Extensive customer base for exploitation purposes and tools at the disposal of the project (e.g., the collaborative space Project Portal). AtoS coordinates the project being responsible for the administrative, financial and day-to-day monitoring of the project as well as taking an active participation in the service Web infrastructure and service construction RTD areas. AtoS is one of the technical partners of the SAP-based case study and actively participates in the exploitation elements of the project. AtoS also leads the Service Construction WP, where the main challenges of service composition and mediation are addressed.

 British Telecommunications 

British Telecommunications (BT) is one of the world's leading providers of telecommunications solutions and services, operating in 170 countries. BT's portfolio of ICT services includes IP infrastructure, CRM, security, applications, managed mobility, hosting and outsourcing.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
Experience in Next generation Web research and semantic technologies, including active participation in standardization initiatives. BT constitutes the basis for the case study within the Telecommunications domain and fulfills the role of exploitation manager in the project with the main goal of maximizing the impact of the technologies envisaged in SOA4All.

 Open University

The Open University (OU) is the world leader in distance teaching and the largest university in the UK. It is also well known as the UK's most innovative and high-impact concept in higher education.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
European point of reference for knowledge technologies. Has an active involvement in semantic Web related standardization groups. The OU mainly focuses on the research aspects of context-awareness within the services domain, as well as plays an important role as a supporting partner for the Telecom case study. The OU is the leader of the WP2 SOA4All Studio and also leads the ambitious training programme of the project.


SAP AG has grown to become the world’s leading provider of eBusiness software solutions. SAP is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company and the world's third-largest independent software supplier, overall.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
As the world’s leading provider of eBusiness software, SAP is the basis for the End-User Integrated Enterprise Service Delivery Platform Case Study, diluting the frontier between highly complex SOA corporate solutions and lighter Web-based service platforms.


CEFRIEL (ICT Centre of Excellence for Research, Innovation, Education & industrial Labs partnership) is a unique centre where academic expertise and cutting edge business know-how meet and integrate.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
As a well known research organization in semantics, distributed systems and security, CEFRIEL brings its expertise to the Service Location and Service Construction WPs. In addition to this, CEFRIEL leads the dissemination activities of the project, carried out in close cooperation with the exploitation, training and standardization work.

 University Innsbruck

The Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck at the University of Innsbruck is one of the world leading research groups working on the Semantic Web, Semantic Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
As a leading group on semantic Web, semantic Web services and service-oriented architectures, UIBK is responsible for going beyond the state of the art in many of the scientific areas covered by the project. As a result, UIBK leads the Service Architecture in SOA4All, where service grounding, Semantic Spaces and the Semantic Service Bus are included. UIBK also plays a major role in other technical WPs and we should note its leadership in terms of standardization thanks to its privileged position within the semantic Services domain.

 EBM Web Sourcing

EBM WebSourcing SAS is an open-source editor specialized in enterprise application integration and information exchange in highly distributed network.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
EBM WebSourcing brings its relevant experience in SOA and ESB middleware to the project as well its knowledge of the limitations/opportunities of a full open source approach. The company mainly focuses on Service Location and Service Deployment and Use.


Hanival Internet Services GmbH is an innovative IT service provider located in Vienna, specialised in working on the cutting edge between R&D and applied technologies / application programming. Hanival is active in semantic Web R&D on European project level.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
Hanival contributes and drives the C2C service commerce case study. Moreover, Hanival provides the infrastructure to develop applications and to deploy SOA4All services. Additional efforts are devoted to the Service Web Architecture as well as exploitation (based on the example given by Hanival as a success story within the services arena).

 Karlsruhe Universitaet

As the oldest technical university in Germany, founded in 1825, the profile of Universität Karlsruhe (TH) is determined primarily by the technical and natural sciences as well as by engineering. The Institute AIFB at Universität Karlsruhe is one of the world leading institutions in semantic Web technology.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
The institute AIFB of this university specialises in Semantic Web Technology and is highly regarded for its research in this area. The university's expertise is applied to service annotation and reasoning and service location in addition to a number of other technical activities.


INRIA, the national institute for research in computer science and control, operating under the dual authority of the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Industry, is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in information and communication science and technology.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
As a research institute INRIA's areas of expertise are very wide and are fully aligned with the NESSI objectives. INRIA focuses on pure research as well as on technology transfer. INRIA's efforts are devoted to the service Web architecture, service deployment and use, and service construction.


iSOCO - Intelligent Software Components SA is a private company founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC/IIIA) in Barcelona. iSOCOLab was created in January 2001 with three main objectives: maintain the technological level of the company, develop new prototypes to approach the market through new products, and ensure the application of new technologies to business processes.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
iSOCO is very well known within the semantics research community and a successful example of how innovative technology can be transferred to commercial environments. iSOCO's main interest and contribution to SOA4All is on the Service deployment and use WP and on the Telecommunications Case study, providing technical support to BT together with the OU.


Ontotext Lab is a semantic technology lab of Sirma Group Corp founded in 2000. Ontotext is focused on research and core technology development for knowledge management, semantic Web and Web services.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
Sirma Ontotext is one of the most prestigious European companies in the field of semantic annotation, therefore SOA4All will benefit from this research interest by relying on the contributions of Sirma in the service annotation and reasoning activities as well as the related contributions to the Web service infrastructure of SOA4All.


Seekda OG (previously known as Aleph Web Services) is a spin-off company of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Seekda has developed the first Web Service Search Engine based on focused crawling, allowing access to publicly available Web Services.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
Seekda provides relevant services for the service eCommerce applications developed in WP9 and contributes to the service location work. Seekda brings to the project its knowledge of how to build up a service locator based on existing information available within the current Web. It also provides its unique expertise in how to automatically generate textual and semantic descriptions of publicly available Web services from available data sources.


TIE Nederland BV is an international B2B software company, established in 1987 and focused on Business Interoperability and Service Integration. TIE enables companies to do business electronically and to lower costs by synchronizing their product information and business processes with their partners in the supply chain.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
TIE has worked on middleware platforms mainly oriented towards the business domain, where business interoperability is a crucial issue. TIE involvement in SOA4All is mainly centred on service location and the C2C service eCommerce case study. The role of TIE as chair of the SME Committee in NESSI is essential to catalyze the participation and impact of the project over SMEs.

 TXT Group

TXT e-Solutions SpA is a private, mid-sized software vendor and system integration company, with its headquarters in Milan.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
The main expertise of TXT falls under the areas of interoperability, enterprise collaboration, SOA and GRID computing. In SOA4All, the work within Web infrastructure, service deployment and use as well as service construction receives the main efforts of this organization.

 University of Manchester

The University of Manchester brings together the strengths of the Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST into a leading UK university with close links to industry.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
The main expertise of the University of Manchester is in intelligent service infrastructures, and therefore, its participation has been structured around the service construction and context-awareness research threads. The university also contributes to the infrastructure-based WPs. Because of its specific interest in the telecom domain and its geographical proximity to BT, the university supports BT and the other partners in the development of the telecoms case study.

 Universidad de Sevilla

Universidad de Sevilla (USE) has a consolidated research tradition and infrastructure, with 5547 researchers (2006) among professors, post-doctoral and pre-doctoral fellows. It has 685 registered research groups devoted to economical, social, human sciences, law, technological activities, life sciences, physics, chemistry, mathematics and environment. The research is implemented in 25 own centers and 6 Centers shared with CSIC. USE is involved in several FP6 and FP7 EU projects.

Main contributions to SOA4All:
USE contribution will be focused on the integration of service ranking techniques developed in WP5, adapting their previous work on preference modeling in order to allow preference definitions from each specific ranking technique to be composed and mixed together. The different ranking techniques will be integrated using an integrated ranking service that will dispatch concrete preferences as needed. Moreover, a prototype will be implemented, so that users can specify their preferences using the generic model graphically, and then the integrated ranking will call corresponding concrete ranking services in order to return the ranked list of services to the user.


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